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Hip-Hop's A3C Shines a Light on Promising Music Tech Innovators

Have you ever experienced Conference Hangover? You return inspired but quickly realize that won’t apply what you learned when you get back to the real world. But, there is a new wave of events that are changing this by ensuring every attendee walks away with real results.

For example, A3C, the Atlanta-based Festival and Conference, recently announced its Creator Complex programming, another important piece in a 14-year journey dedicated to connecting artists and producers with creative professionals and music industry experts.

Attendees consisting of artists and producers won’t just walk away with ideas but will be able to get a headshot, master music, make beats, record music, write a bio, develop a website, optimize their YouTube page, audit their social media, and add scratches to their records.

Collectively, A3C’s partners will contribute an estimated $100,000 worth of free services and assets to over 500 artists and producers. and people travel from all over the world to attend.

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Over the 3-days A3C hosts dozens of panels, workshops, mixers, mentor sessions and interviews with hundreds of tastemakers, thought-leaders, and industry experts. These are just a few reasons why I invited Michael Walbert from A3C onto our daily tech podcast.

“Hip-hop is the most important, influential, and often largest user base for many music tech startups. Hip-hop artists are early adopters and frequently the most engaged community on social and music platforms,” explained A3C Director Mike Walbert. “We’re looking for companies that are reaching out to music makers. We’re hoping to find and elevate tech startups that promise to transform how music is being created, shared, discovered, marketed and monetized. We feel these are the key elements that affect an artist’s life and are directly impacted by technology.”

On today’s tech podcast Mike shares his inspiring 14-year startup story of using tech to bring people together and also make a difference.