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Here’s everything you need to know about A3C Action Summit 2018

Music is not just a medium of entertainment but also a medium of instilling and promoting critical thinking. A3C connects activists and artists with leaders in community to come up with ways for improving and developing social initiatives.

By encouraging creative people and activists, the 14 year old organisation aims to create a space where people can brainstorm and help other realize the potential of their music/work.

“Hip-Hop and justice have often gone hand in hand, and A3C wants to underline that,” says Mike Walbert of A3C. “Our Action events are our way of paying tribute to this powerful current in the music we love and to help support the music makers and lovers who use this power to do real good in their communities.”

Last week, A3C announced A3C Action Summit for 2018. The summit will be held on October 4-5, 2018 at the Auburn Ave Research Library for African American Studies. Speakers include Talib Kweli, Killer Mike, Shanti Das, Trae the Truth, Dr. David Wall Rice, Representative Bruce Franks, Jr. and other prominent artists, activists, and academics to be announced.
A3C Action Accelerator is a training program (a part of the summit) that will focus on intensive training on all aspects of growing and running a non-profit: management, sustainability, scalability, messaging and marketing.

“The one-on-one work with A3C Action participants culminates in a Pitch Night (October 5, 2018) at the Action Summit, where one organization is selected by a panel of judges to receive $10,000 in funding.”

As mentioned on the website, this year’s A3C Action Accelerator cohort includes:

Hip Hop Mentoring Cypher Sessions: A creative wellness program that uses hip hop to engage teens on issues of critical thinking, emotional wellbeing, and social justice

Words Liive: a technology-powered, music-based literacy program that automates the connection of literary concepts to popular music by producing lesson plans for educators

Cool Moms Dance Too: Fun, multigenerational fitness and dance classes designed to improve the mental and physical health and connectedness of families

Supreme MCs Rule Hip Hop Expression Program: A music education program that uses hip hop as a gateway to self-discovery and positive coping skills

FlexIn FlexOut: Workshops get youth dancing inside detention and foster care facilities, coupled with programming to continue the mentorship once kids get outside

You can learn more about the summit and booking here.

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